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Excerpt from “An art association in Baden – from yesterday into tomorrow” by Hans Hornyik
“The Kunstverein has been in existence for one hundred years. That’s actually a late birth. The rapid rise of the imperial spa town began in 1793. Viennese nobility and the upper middle classes discovered the high quality of life in Baden and from 1842, the year Baden was connected to the Southern Railway, one villa after another sprouted up as the rich and famous made Baden their home. This development transformed the small town into a veritable Gründerzeit Arcadia with spacious parks, boulevards, and all the urban amenities that made the “world spa resort” one of the leading tourist destinations of the imperial and royal monarchy. Against this background, the founding of the Kunstverein in 1915 appears to have been somewhat of a late birth.

Much has been written about art in Baden. Music, theater, and literature shaped the cultural life of the 19th century. The names of Mozart, Beethoven, Lanner and Strauss adorn commemorative plaques and accentuate the culture of remembrance. While Mozart’s relationship to Baden is exorbitantly overestimated, the city was Beethoven’s favorite health resort, where he spent many a summer searching for a cure for his numerous illnesses.

Table of Contents

An art association in Baden – from yesterday into tomorrow
Hans Hornyik

Brief remarks on the rituals of art
Alexandra Schantl

The heyday of art associations in the 19th century
Cornelia König

The founding period of the Kunstverein
Regina Hadraba

The temporary union of artistic sensibilities
Wolfgang Müller-Funk

Kunstverein Baden celebrates 100 years
Leo Hemetsberger

Hartwig Knack

The artists of the Kunstverein Baden

Gallery program 1995–2016